The Integrated Michigan Patient-Centered Alliance in Care Transitions, or I-MPACT, is a Collaborative Quality Initiative (CQI).  It is a new kind of CQI working with both hospitals and provider organizations across the state of Michigan.  I-MPACT's purpose is to improve patients' care transitions from hospital to home and from skilled nursing facility to home.  In an effort to keep the patient voice at the forefront of our work patient advisors and caregivers are incorporated in our hospital/provider organization clusters and are utilized in an e-Advisory Group working with our coordinating center.  I-MPACT is lead by an Advisory Group and a coordinating center team.


I-MPACT is a patient-centered, data-driven collaborative that engages healthcare organizations and patients throughout Michigan in developing and implementing innovative approaches for improving care transitions.


Support for I-MPACT is provided by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network as part of the BCBSM Value Partnerships program.  Although Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and I-MPACT work collaboratively, the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by I-MPACT do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of BCBSM or any of its employees.