I-MPACT Committees

Data Review Committee

The purpose of the Data Review Committee is to represent all I-MPACT participants by reviewing the I-MPACT data and creating a system to ensure a useful means of reporting this data in an effort to learn from and improve the transitions of care throughout the I-MPACT collaborative.  The committee meets multiples times annually to: develop a mechanism for ongoing data review and reporting for the I-MPACT collaborative that is both useful and practical, collate suggestions and feedback, evaluate ideas and explore ways to change practice based upon findings within the I-MPACT collaborative, and create strategies to ensure engagement with the respective hospitals, Physician Organizations (PO’s), and patients.

Publications Committee

The purpose of the Publications Committee is to work with members and potential authors to analyze and distribute findings of the collaborative.  Goals of the committee are to contribute to and advance the body of knowledge about quality care transitions, evaluate the feasibility and generality of publication content, ensure the integrity and accuracy of publications utilizing I-MPACT data and resources and ensure equitable and fair authorship when multiple authors are involved.

Materials for individuals interested in developing a publication:

I-MPACT Publication Committee Guide

I-MPACT Concept Development Checklist

I-MPACT Manuscript Review Tool for Authors 

Request for Publication Committee Review Form

Steering Committee

The purpose of the Steering Committee is to provide general oversight and input into the I-MPACT CQI by: providing guidance regarding I-MPACT project goals and interventions; reviewing output/feedback from Data Review and Data Publication Committees; assisting with identifying best practices and implementation; providing input into P4P index goals and measures; ensuring I-MPACT maintains strong collaborative partnerships with other BCBSM CQI’s; providing input into format and structure of collaborative-wide meetings and calls.