Smoking Cessation Resources

Visit the Healthy Behavior Optimization for Michigan (HBOM) website for access to a comprehensive suite of smoking cessation resources.

Smoking Cessation Tool Kit

The Tobacco Cessation Provider Box includes everything your practice needs to start offering tobacco cessation treatment in the State of Michigan. Click here to see what's inside! The box includes:

  • Quit Smoking Resource Guide Tear Off Pad (50 sheets)
  • Quit Smoking Medication Cards
  • Tap for Support NFC Card
  • Michigan Tobacco Quitline Cards
  • Value-Based Reimbursement Toolkit
  • Waiting Room Poster
  • Suite of Digital Tools

Request a Tobacco Cessation Box.

The Michigan Tobacco Quitline Resources

The Michigan Tobacco Quitline website for Patients

The Michigan Tobacco Quitline website for Providers

The Michigan Tobacco Quitline Patient Referral 

Smoking Cessation Guides

Nicotine replacement guide

You Can Quit Smoking Resource Guide – A visual guide of tobacco cessation resources including the Michigan Tobacco Quitline and NRT options.

Quit Smoking Medication Guide – A foldable card-sized visual guide of tobacco cessation medications.

Smoking Cessation Resources for Specialized Populations

American Indian Commercial Tobacco Program - Culturally sensitive phone counseling focused on commercial tobacco use (does not discourage the use of ceremonial tobacco) and recognizes the sacredness of the medicine wheel for Native populations.

Asian Smokers Quitline - Participants receive tobacco cessation counseling with language and cultural background in mind.


Smoking Cessation Billing Codes