This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions.  For more information about I-MPACT contact our Coordinating Center.

Can my hospital join without a P.O.?

No, I-MPACT is designed for hospitals and P.O.s to work together on improving patient care transitions. There must be at least 1 hospital and 1 provider organization to create a cluster to participate in I-MPACT.  However, you may also work with multiple P.O.s.

How are patients involved in a local cluster?

Each cluster should have 2 patient advisors or 1 patient advisor and 1 caregiver advisor on their local cluster team.  Patients should attend Kick-off meetings with other core team members.  Patients should be involved at each cluster's discretion to keep an ongoing patient perspective involved in the team's work.

How does participating in I-MPACT help my hospital or P.O.?

There are several advantages to participating in I-MPACT:

    • Increased communication among patients and their multidisciplinary care team.
    • You'll receive a qualitative review and feedback on the discharge process at your site in the form of a Patient Journey.
    • Each hospital will receive .5 FTE funding to support I-MPACT efforts at their site
    • Each P.O. will receive a .5 FTE for the 1st hospital they work with and an additional .25 FTE for each additional participating hospital.