I-MPACT Presents Poster at Nexus Summit

August 16, 2019

 I-MPACT’s Program Director Dr. Grace Jenq and QA/Nurse Coordinator Karly Hendee presented the poster at the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education/Nexus Summit 2019 on August 20th.  The poster was developed by: Elizabeth Vander Veen, Karly Hendee, Nkiru Okammor, Susan Holmes-Walker, Lynda Heinig, Nicole Ewald, and Dr. Grace Jenq.

The poster focuses on our “Get Me Outta Here” game which is played at Kick-off events. The poster details how the game was developed, how the game is played, and the survey results of the how the game simulates real life discharge process complexities, lessons learned from the game, as well as future applications.

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