Helpful Hints from Other Patients and Caregivers

Patients and caregivers hold valuable information about where breakdowns occur in care transitions.  Through interviews, patient panels and stories from our participants we will generate tips and hints to help you prepare for the care transition in your life.

How do you help someone get in and out of bed or the bath/shower?

"The first thing being that if you are going to take somebody home who is not strong, and is going to have some difficulties, it would certainly be nice if whoever was there, be it a tech person, be it a nurse, whoever it was, would let you go through a day doing what has to be done, so you would know how to do it.  What is the best way to help a patient out of bed so there's not a fall? What is the best way to help a patient shower, sitting or standing?"

Is the equipment you were shown and trained on at the hospital the same as what you will have at home?

"They did show me for example, how to use a feeding tube, but the pump they had at the hospital was automatic, and the one I got was not.  So, when we got home, I couldn't make the food drip down, it wouldn't drip, and I was panicking."

" dad they told me, was going home with oxygen.  He had been on it sporadically in the rehab center but I didn't think much of it.  The day he was supposed to go home, of course I went to pick him up.  They informed me he's going home with this oxygen tank.  I said, when I get home, what do I do, and there was a lot of confusion around that.  And they didn't know how to turn on the oxygen tank."

How different from the hospital environment is your home environment?

"I thought that was fine... I had walked with him up those little stairs that they have with the physical therapist, and I thought that was not a big deal, but on the other hand, when you actually get home, I realized I couldn't do that by myself.  Our bedroom was on the second floor, and there were 14 steps, and he could do 14 steps in the hospital, but they were a different kind of 14 steps...every time I had a neighbor come..."